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Willow Ridge Farm sits on over 40 acres of gently rolling hills in south central Iowa. We share our home/farm with a wide variety of livestock, with the emphasis on fiber bearing animals. We raise registered Shetland Sheep, llamas and English Angora rabbits. Making life even more interesting we have included Nubian goats as well as Pygmy goats (a moment of weakness!), miniature donkeys (another moment) a small flock of poultry; ducks, peacocks, geese, guineas and a laying flock of Buff Orphingtons . Throw in a few dogs, cats, horses and our days are full, but worth every bit of work.

We have two teenage sons, who share in the chores, making this whole operationwork for our family of four. We feel very fortunate to be able to live away from the fast paced ways of town and enjoy life like it should be.

The love for sheep started many years back with a very special “bottle baby” named Vivian. One of triplets and a purebred Suffolk, she knew from an early age she was special. She wore a diaper while in the house and turned our furniture into her own private playground. With Vivian’s first birthday came her first haircut, no simple job either because she didn’t feel like having her hair done, but with a lot of patience and sweat the deed was done. Then came the question what to do with the wool? “I will learn to spin!” Then what to do with the yarn? "I will learn to knit!” So we owe much to the bossy little bottle baby, she turned the love of sheep into something much larger, with our business growing from a few sheep to many. Our hand knitting has expanded with the purchase of an antique circularsock knitting machine, which produces some of the most wonderful socks/slippers from the wool of our sheep, rabbits and llamas. We are able to provide fellow hand spinners with a wide variety of colors and fibers as well as hand spun yarns to knitters and weavers.

Willow Ridge Farm | 55074 140th Ave. Lucas, IA 50151
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